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Ep 26 | Consciousness, God, and Quantum Physics with Former Monk - Sam Winter

Meditation and mindfulness are talked about by seemingly everyone these days.

You find it in ads, it's in the public mental health discourse, corporate jobs now include mindfulness days, and public schools recommend their student body practice meditation to tame anxiety and depression.

You might think you have a solid understanding of meditation, but what do the mystics, the monks/nuns, or the ancient religions say about it? What can we learn from them?

My guest today, Sam Winter, is a former Hindu monk, meditation and mindfulness coach, and music producer. His experiences from living in an ashram, and his insights into quantum physics adds a scientific and mystical view of the world and our existence.

May this episode quiet your mind, and fill your heart.

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Ep 25 | "I Cured My Bipolar through Holistic Healing" with Lindsay Ranson

Lindsay Ranson is a Holistic Healing & Mindset Coach. While study holistic medicine, she was able to find ways to heal significant injuries, including growing back bone, and healing nerve damage that was supposedly impossible to heal. 

As the title of this podcast suggests, her studies and self-experimentation also removed any symptoms of bipolar disorder, a result that has been said to be impossible.

Lindsay coaches others to heal their pain, depression, anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, and more!

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Ep 24 | The Journey from Boy to Man with Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron Kleinerman is a transformational tantric coach, facilitator, author and speaker.

In his book "The Embodied Man", Aaron shares his own journey of acknowledging and releasing the pain of his past, and becoming a truly grateful and whole man. 

In this episode, Aaron helps us understand how to do the same in our journey.

We dive into emotions, trauma, duality, somatic work, honoring femininity in men, healthy sex education, and so much more!

Whether you are male-bodied, identify as a man, or just want to learn more about becoming a more embodied and integrated human being, this podcast is for you!

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Ep 23 | People Pleasing, Life Transitions, & Gratitude with Andreea Tamas

Andreea Tamas is a Romanian born spiritual coach, podcast host, and digital nomad, who has expertise in helping others through big life transitions. We talk about people pleasing, spirituality, gratitude, and many of her big life transitions, including the passing of her life partner.

Andreea offers wisdom and a big heart in today's episode. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Ep 21 | Hinduism & Catholicism - Is there any common ground? with Yamuna Meleth & Isaac Cotnoir

Can people from different religions get along? 

Today, I have the pleasure of bringing Isaac, my dear friend and a full-time Catholic Missionary, and Yamuna, a psychic medium who practices Hinduism onto the podcast.

We explore the beauty of faith, courage, devotion to God, share tons of religious and personal stories, and much more!

This is the most unique episode I have made yet, so I am so excited for you all to experience the joy contained in these 75 minutes.

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Ep 20 | Joy with Joy First Foundation Founder - Katy BEE

In a bleak world, we all wonder how we can make it brighter.

In this podcast, you get to meet a woman who's whole mission is to make the world a more joyful place, and she teaches you the tricks to do the same.

I learned so much in this episode, and I know you will too!!

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Whatsapp/Phone: (240) 355-0988



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Ep 19 | EMDR, Inner Child healing, & Authenticity with Dr. Charity Godfrey

Dr. Charity Godfrey is a counselor with a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, EMDR trained, Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider, and a Nationally Certified Christian Counselor (NCCC).

She does not hold any wisdom back for us today! 

If you have ever been interested in therapy, EMDR therapy, inner child healing, the healing benefits of reading, and how to be more authentic, this is the episode for you!!!


Lifescape Integrative Therapy Website 

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Ep 18 | Travel & Living Nomadic with Jen Lemkuhl & Kat Shuler

Have you considered living nomadic, doing a long vacation, or just want to know where to go next? This is the podcast for you!

Jen Lemkuhl, a flight attendant, and Kat Shuler, a former digital nomad, are expert travellers, and leave no information out for those of us listening. 

We hope you enjoy!

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Ep 17 | Creativity with Brian Sour

Brian Sour is a singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today, we talk about creativity, how to access your creativity, the music industry, work/life balance, and more! 

Get ready for an extremely fun podcast filled lots of laughter, sillyness, but also a unique perspective and lots of love :)

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Go give his music some love! He deserves it.

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Ep 16 | Anger with Freddy Larrosa

How can we take our anger and make something beautiful?

From trauma, to addiction, to recovery and tremendous healing, my guest Freddy Larrosa has lived an incredible life. 

As a musician, a medicine man, a personal development coach, and a father, Freddy has learned how to help people take pain and turn it into beauty. 

If you struggle with anger, this is the episode for you!

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Ep 15 | Breathwork pt. 2 with Joseph Oliver

Is DMT breathing a fad? 

Can you have an out of body experience just from breathing? 

This and so much more on this weeks episode of the Live A Beautiful Life Podcast!

Joseph's Instagram: @thevibementor

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Ep 14 | Breathwork pt. 1 with Joseph Oliver

Do you want to be more present, more grounded, and perhaps understand what this whole "zen" thing is all about?

Joseph Oliver is on today to teach us about how our breath can bring us peace, bliss, and happiness that we never knew was possible! Not just momentarily feeling good, but feeling better every single day through the practice of breathwork!

This podcast was INCREDIBLE to record! Please take a listen!

Joseph's Instagram: @thevibementor

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Ep 13 | Transformation with Coach Michael

Today, we have Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Coach Michael here to help make our wellness journeys more simple.

Instead of trying to find the perfect diet or workout routine, Coach Michael helps us understand our bodies, and find ways to make progress day by day, while giving ourselves grace when we falter. 

Ways to find Coach Michael:

His Website

Microdosing Podcast


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Ep 10 | Difficult Conversations with Mo Khan

I am joined today by organizational psychologist, Mo Khan, to discuss how difficult conversations can improve our business relationships, romantic relationships, and political polarization.

He gives us many tips and skills to help us enter into difficult conversations with more grace and groundedness.

We hope you enjoy!!

NYC Group Relations 

Mo's Instagram: mo_khan9

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Ep 9 | Self-Doubt with Nicole McMaster

As children, we heard "no" every day of our lives.

No, don't touch that. No, don't say that. No, that's not correct. 

How do we learn to start saying yes to adventure, challenge, and discomfort, when our mind's are telling us that we're not ready?

Join Nicole and I as we take a look at self-doubt, and learn how to overcome your inner critic!

Nicole's Podcast "Naturally Nicole"

Nicole's Instagram: @nicolezmcmaster

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Ep 4 | Walking Each Other Home

Walk with me through the breathtaking wisdom of Ram Dass' life and death. In his final years, hear the wisdom he has to offer us as we age, and how can come to terms with our own dying. 

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Ep 1 | Welcome

Get to know a little bit about the podcast host's life, and what his intention is for the future of this podcast!

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